Investment Planning for an Uncertain World

Sheila Willis |


Chances are good that if you read or watch the prime time news on any given day, one of the top stories will relate to emerging risks around the world. Whether it’s strife in the Middle East, tensions with Russia, or the ever-shifting balance of power between global powers, this much seems obvious: we live in a time of both unprecedented global complexity and the technological capability to watch events unfold in real time.   Without moving into purely defensive investments and making overly-conservative plans how can you plan for tomorrow while being mindful of risks today?

It’s often said that without risk there is no reward, and when it comes to financial planning this maxim is particularly true.  For those trying to achieve long term goals, such as retirement or estate planning, it’s often risky to try and avoid all risk.  For example, being overly risk-averse toward stocks can result in low returns that hardly keep up with inflation.  This may in turn increase the risk of running out of money or failing to fully fund an estate.  For most investors cash and bonds alone don’t offer the necessary inflation-beating returns or provide a legacy to the next generation.  Fortunately a smart financial plan, built in a way that takes into account global risks but still seeks long term growth, can help avoid these overly-cautious decision biases.

With all the uncertainty in the news now is a great time to evaluate your financial plan to see if it’s managing risks in a smart way.  Does your plan:

  • Diversify investments to provide multiple sources of return and income?
  • React to the latest headlines or take emotion out of the decision-making process?
  • Rely too much on one company or country?

The best way to be sure your plan is well prepared for the risks and rewards of the global economy is to talk with a financial professional.  After all, wouldn’t it be nice to watch or read the news and not worry about the headlines because you know you’ve got the right plan – and the right advisor – on your side.