Retirement Plans

Davenport Watts & Drake Investment Advisors (DWD) manages individual retirement accounts and advises individuals how best to save for retirement. But DWD also assists employers in providing the best retirement benefits for their employees.

DWD can assist an employer in designing the retirement plan that best meets their needs in attracting and retaining the very best and brightest employees. Be it a Simple IRA plan, a safe harbor 401(k) or a complex profit sharing plan – we can assist with a variety of plan types. We also can assist in choosing a plan provider, custodian, and third-party administrator if needed. We already work with a variety of service providers and can make recommendations for the provider who best meets an employer’s level of need.

DWD assists employers in establishing and following an investment policy statement for their retirement plans and will help choose the investment funds that best meet that policy goal. DWD currently works with John Hancock, Empower, and Fidelity as plan custodians, but we are always checking to make sure that these providers are doing the best for their plan sponsors or if another custodian might be a better fit.

DWD is willing and able to explain benefits to employees and will handle plan enrollments. We are happy to meet with groups of employees or individual employees, one-on-one, in person or by phone, to educate them on investing and to help employees make difficult financial decisions that may or may not relate to their retirement plan benefits. DWD truly wants to serve their plan participants as well as they serve the plan sponsors.

DWD can be compensated for services directly by the employer or from plan assets but it is always fee-only. DWD receives no commissions from the sale of securities so there is no conflict in recommending the very best investments for the retirement plan.