Asset Management

Davenport Watts & Drake Investment Advisors, LLC manages the assets of its clients using the core strategies of asset allocation, asset diversification, and periodic rebalancing while utilizing a long-term perspective and minimizing income taxes. Along with our own experience and expertise, we use Advisor Intelligence[1] for our base investment platform. Our relationship with Advisor Intelligence enables us to provide our clients with the best possible knowledge to meet their goals.

Our relationship with Advisor Intelligence is a strategic alliance we formed to allow us to remain a client-centered firm. Advisor Intelligence has a 30+ year proven track record and is the research company that we use in the construction of our base asset allocations and investment platforms. Davenport Watts & Drake does not have a financial relationship with Advisor Intelligence, so we can be completely objective and free to utilize any other partners to better serve your needs.

Advisor Intelligence employs a very detailed, highly disciplined approach that is based on three core beliefs shared by Davenport Watts & Drake. First, they believe that while markets are normally efficient, there are periods where fear and greed lead securities prices to become disconnected from their underlying economic fundamentals. Second, they believe that these periods can create longer-term opportunities because over the long term, prices and fundamentals will eventually converge. Third, they believe that through careful initial and ongoing due diligence they can identify managers who will outperform a comparable benchmark. Drawing on these principles to manage real-world portfolios involves balancing risk and opportunity to achieve long-term investment goals.

We at Davenport Watts & Drake Investment Advisors, LLC are often asked about the latest hot topics in the investment arena. But, we always respond based on our core principles. We are convinced that slow-and-steady will win the race. By sticking to solid asset allocation and avoiding emotional investing, our diversified portfolios may not hit every homerun, but crises can be worked though and gains will outweigh losses. There is value in the market, and we believe core market principles will be rewarded. When faced with hot topics or crises, we continue to stick with our basic portfolio plan only making minor adjustments as opportunities present themselves.

Our basic portfolio is based on asset allocation and diversification. We’ve chosen seasoned fund managers that have their own proven strategies. We rebalance, cutting back our stake in what has already outperformed and investing more in the areas that are most likely to perform next. It is inevitable that markets become out-of-balance from time to time, but we believe that certain market fundamentals are steadfast, and over time, market balance will return. We employ these basic principles time-and-time again. Basic fundamentals give us confidence, and we want them to give our clients peace of mind.

[1]This is a service to which we subscribe. It in no way creates responsibility, fiduciary or otherwise, on the part of Advisor Intelligence.